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Know Your IBC: Friends, whenever you join IBC and join Bada Business and prepare for sales by finishing all your training, finishing your desired courses, and generating leads through Digital Marketing and Organic methods, still, you will not get successful in Sales Closing. There is a big problem to face.

You must have heard the saying “The world is built on trust”, but at the time of Sales Closing, how to fully trust you, for this, you used to have a Mini Website or a Landing Page called Digital Dukaan in Bada Business.

Where users used to verify you with your name, mobile, and emails. But still, many people were not satisfied with the information given on the Mini Website.

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KYIBC (Know Your IBC) will help in Trust Building

Now any users will be able to verify your details from the official site of Bada Business. You are really a part of the Bada Business Family, to give Bada Proof that KYIBC has been made for users.

How to find the right IBC?

If you want to know about any IBC, first of all, visit which is the official site of Bada Business from your web browser.

  • Here in the Top Menu Bar, you will see the option of KYIBC, click on it
Know Your IBC Search IBC Profile
  • As soon as you click on KYIBC, a new page opens in front of you. Here you can verify the details of IBC by filling Mobile Number, Email ID, or CRM ID.
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Blue Tick Verified Bada Business IBC

Verified Bada Business IBC
When you click on the information of that IBC, then the Mini Website of its Digital Dukaan is displayed in front of you.

So in this way, you can Verify any IBC.

If you have liked our information and you want to give any suggestions in it, please send your valuable thoughts to us by using the Comment Box below.
Blue Tick Verified Bada Business IBC
Know Your IBC (KYIBC) - Search IBC Profile 6

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  1. I am recently joined as IBC I have updated my Badabusiness app but not showing on the upper side of BB app KYIBC..what to do after that mail me please is tbis very important.Where is my website will showing of IBC.Help me

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